Again, I appologize for the time in between posts. I am often very drained mentally in the evenings when I finish my walks, and these take a decent amount of mental patience! I made it to Holbrook, AZ, less than 600 miles left! When I got to AZ, I had some trouble with walking in the I-40, due to the legality, then issues navigating my way on the back roads utilizing google maps. I may have a tough time getting across AZ, and may have to change my route. That will be determined in the next day or so. While in Grants, NM I had a weather delay of 5 days due to snow and negative temps!! I am feeling pretty awesome since leaving Gallup, NM where I had to regroup a bit mentally and spiritually. I am very excited for the remaining part of the journey and what the finishing results will bring! Last night I stayed in the Petrified Forest National Park, which was quite the grueling walk yesterday to get there! The rewards this morning of finding those petrified pieces of wood made it all worthwhile yesterday, possibly my toughest day. The petrified wood facinates me!! It is hard to fathom 200million years ago, which is what the forest dates back to!!! INCREDIBLE! Thank you everyone again for the continued support! PLEASE SHARE OUR JOURNEY AND DONATE IF YOU CAN! Godspeed! 🙏🏻❤️

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What a peaceful walk I had today! No wind, a smooth 24miles! It has been windy out here in NM, but other then that the weather has really been cooperating! Yesterday I completed 34 miles with up to 35mph gusts, while finishing the last 4.5miles in the dar(which I do not want to have to do again, it was definitely frighting on Interstate-40!) I am excited for Christmas, although I will definitely be missing friends and family. I am proud of myself, the last 3 out of 5 years around this time I have been in some sort of treatment! It will feel liberating being out on the road, with only 800miles to go to complete the walk! I will also be attending an Alcathon at an AA establishment in Albuqurque! Hope to meet some new friends, and enjoy some fellowship! 

I am still a bit fearful moving more into the desert. The temps are going to get into the teens at night, with a strong likelihood of some snow moving into Flagstaff, AZ at an elevation of 7000ft about sealevel! But nothing we can’t overcome, as I have been able to prove to myself! 

Thank you to everyone who helped support through the Blaze Pizza fundraiser in Clifton Park, we were able to raise $90 through your pizza eating! And thank you so much to everyone who has continued to support emotionally and financially!! Godspeed, and Merry Christmas!!!🙏🏻❤️


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This was a time to express gratitude. I am so very grateful I got to spend the time with HIA and Dillon in Weatherford, OK. I needed the Fellowship. I am quite fearful heading into the desert. I will overcome. I have been trying to focus on my awareness and gratitude, they go a long way. I have met some cool people over the last week. God put us in each others paths for a reason. I cannot thank you enough for the hospitality. Godspeed!

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What a journey this has been! As I sit here at the Fabulous 40’s Motel (taking the day off with 60mph gusts of wind), I am easily reminded of how grateful I am. I have had the most extreme highs and lows mentally, spiritually, and physically in these first 99 days. I would not be in Adrian,TX without the help and support of all of you. Thank you so very much! I am about 25 miles to the New Mexico boarder, which I will hit tomorrow! I hope everyone is able to enjoy their Holiday Season!

This past week, I have made a lot of progress spiritually and mentally. In Amarillo, I met a lady Leslie that took me to AA meeting, and had dinner after. She is 4 years sober, and we had some phenominal discussions on God and sobriety. Yesterday I was at peace and felt some serenity, while walking 28 miles, with up to 35mph winds SMACKING me in the face the entire day. I was able to put one foot in front of the other, often times feeling like I was in quicksand, for 9 hours and 27.5miles. Sometimes, thats how life can feel. Never feeling like we are making any progress, but yet when we look up at the end of the day, we were able to get through regardless of what was hitting us in the face all day!! 

The experiences I have had the first 2/3 (roughly) of the trip have been indescribable at times. This has been by far the most challenging thing/journey/endevour/path/life changing event that I have ever been through, and I am so excited to see what the remaining 6-8weeks have to offer!! The awareness I have gained of myself as person and what makes me tick, has been eye opening and welcomed. Each day gives me the opportunity to learn something about myself, and it has been incredible!! 

 I know it is the Holiday Season, and the world has been crazy this past year. If you do typically donate to a charity this time of year, please consider Addiction Awareness Across America, every little bit helps and we are definitely helping and inspiring many who are struggling! 



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I do realize it has been a while since I have posted on here, and I do appologize. No excuse really. I will try harder. I have hit some amazing milestones and experiences! I hit a PR of 34 miles. I have  about 1200miles under my belt. I have had one of the most elating, magnificent feelings of joy and happiness overcome me. This has been quite the extraoidinary journey so far, and I am not wven halfway. To say I am fearful of the desert would be annunderstatement. I have never been. It seems like another planet to me. The animals I have never seen. It will be something I will be able to relive over the remaining years of my life. This whole journey will be. I thought it was God’s purpose for me to do this journey to help as many struggling as possible, and I have done that. But what I did not reaize was the profound effect it has had on myself. I am feeling things I have never before had an inclination of remotely happening. But here we are. One more day. And that is how I will continue to take this journey. One more day. Godspeedand thank you for all the love and support! 🙏🏻❤️

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