what’s up everyone sorry it has been so long!! 1) I had been in a funk the last 3 weeks. But I am over it! Turned the corner yesterday, and EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for all the support lately and since Sept4! 2) It is A LOT more cumbersome to blog than to do an Insta or Facebook post. I have to download the movie to youtube then to here. I have to download the pics which are often too big and it takes a while. But thats no excuse!! I have made a committment to blog more and do more activity in general!

I can’t thank my family enough for all of the behind the scenes work they have been doing to try to raise funds and awareness!! If you want a sign, please contact my mom or me!! $10 drop ship anywhere in the US!!! Here is some updated info from today!!! 

I had an awesome day today!! 20miles, had a great pizza, was VERY aware all day. Found this little Mickey on the side of the road, met a few dogs

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