Again, I appologize for the time in between posts. I am often very drained mentally in the evenings when I finish my walks, and these take a decent amount of mental patience! I made it to Holbrook, AZ, less than 600 miles left! When I got to AZ, I had some trouble with walking in the I-40, due to the legality, then issues navigating my way on the back roads utilizing google maps. I may have a tough time getting across AZ, and may have to change my route. That will be determined in the next day or so. While in Grants, NM I had a weather delay of 5 days due to snow and negative temps!! I am feeling pretty awesome since leaving Gallup, NM where I had to regroup a bit mentally and spiritually. I am very excited for the remaining part of the journey and what the finishing results will bring! Last night I stayed in the Petrified Forest National Park, which was quite the grueling walk yesterday to get there! The rewards this morning of finding those petrified pieces of wood made it all worthwhile yesterday, possibly my toughest day. The petrified wood facinates me!! It is hard to fathom 200million years ago, which is what the forest dates back to!!! INCREDIBLE! Thank you everyone again for the continued support! PLEASE SHARE OUR JOURNEY AND DONATE IF YOU CAN! Godspeed! 🙏🏻❤️

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