Today was a good day. I was able to move forward despite being heart broken and betrayed by some friends I thought loved me. It just goes to show that my relationship with my higher power is vital to my happiness. Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. 


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Today was an emotional day for me. It was a great walk, and along my walk I was able to stop at the United 93 9/11 Memorial. It was about 3 miles back from Route 30, but I would have been hard on myself if I didn’t go. So I did. There were two parts.  The first statue was a concrete structure that had 40 huge wind chimes. This represented the voices of the 40 that lost their lives on this flight. The other section was the Visitor Center, and a pathway that went around to the rock that was the place of impact (I did not go on the path or to the rock due to time consideration). This was a very moving memorial in general, but specifically for me because I am going through a few things in my personal life that it truely touched. LOVE EVERYONE WHEN YOU SPEAK TO THEM AS IT MAY BE THE LAST TIME YOU ARE ABLE TO. Please watch the video. Share the journey. And donate if you can. Godspeed everyone!!🙏🏻❤️


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This was a great opportunity to speak with Rachel from WNYT, a local station from my hometown of Halfmoon, NY! Please click that donate button to potentially help thousands of people struggling! Godspeed! 


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 The summary of today’s hike, 23 miles. 

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What a great opportunity to speak on the radio this morning about the walk and Addiction Awareness Across America! Thank your Rob, Larry and Kevin for the time! I definitely left out a few things I wanted to share, but isn’t that how we all feel when finished with a speaking engagement? 🙏🏻❤️

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