First day was a success!! I had some fleeting thoughts of turning around within the first mile. Saying to myself “what’s the point of all this.” So I dropped a few things out of my pack, my inflatable sleeping pad, a pair of jeans, some tiger balm, and leave in conditioner for my fro-ish mullhawk. Stuff I didn’t need. And took another step. I got to the town I was shooting for, 18.5 miles. And one of my great friends Jason N came and got me. Staying at his sober house tonight. I met him 10months ago in rehab. Love this dude! AA meeting tonight and back at it tomorrow! 

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A very short stint at Kensington and Allegheny. I couldn’t stomach it for very long and wanted to get out of there. This was just one corner of an example of profound hopelessness. Very sad. 

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Here is a 5 minute video on the purpose of my journey and Addiction Awareness Across America, Inc.

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Here is the moment of truth! I take off Saturday Sept 4th!!!


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