I do realize it has been a while since I have posted on here, and I do appologize. No excuse really. I will try harder. I have hit some amazing milestones and experiences! I hit a PR of 34 miles. I have  about 1200miles under my belt. I have had one of the most elating, magnificent feelings of joy and happiness overcome me. This has been quite the extraoidinary journey so far, and I am not wven halfway. To say I am fearful of the desert would be annunderstatement. I have never been. It seems like another planet to me. The animals I have never seen. It will be something I will be able to relive over the remaining years of my life. This whole journey will be. I thought it was God’s purpose for me to do this journey to help as many struggling as possible, and I have done that. But what I did not reaize was the profound effect it has had on myself. I am feeling things I have never before had an inclination of remotely happening. But here we are. One more day. And that is how I will continue to take this journey. One more day. Godspeedand thank you for all the love and support! 🙏🏻❤️

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Was a great day for walking thats for sure! Very little wind, not a cloud in the sky and decent hills that were manageable. I TELL YOU WHAT A LOT MORE HILLS THAN THE LAST 3 STATES!! Not nearly the elevation changes that we had in the southern tier of PA! Time to rest and ice the body! All is well Godspeed!!🙏🏻❤️

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What a walk today! Brutally windy the entire 20miles today. Gusts I would guess up to 35ish mph! I saw some pretty cool things today though! Casey, IL has a thing about large statues of normally small or regularly sized items! My ankle was in extreme pain all day, and still is. I really hope the swelling and pain subside over the next day or two. If mot, might have to get it checked out 🤔 I have been waking in silence, meaning nothing coming from the phone the last few days. It is keeping more more aware and allows me to focus. My head is by no means clear, but makes for a more focused calming, peaceful day! Godspeed!  


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It has been wonderful the last few days! I have walked over 100miles in the last 4 days, the most I have done in that period of time! I am in East St Louis, in Collinsville, IL,  took today off from walking, weather was gnarly, cold, windy, rainy! Iced, rested, but also went to the Cahokia Mounds. They have been around for thousands of years, cool to think about! Tomorrow off to downtown St Louis, the Gateway Arch, and beyond out route 66!! I met Ben Clagget yesterday, a now friend who has walked across America, 3 times!! Just an incredible individual, it was inspiring and an absolute pleasure meeting him! We talked for a little over an hour about recovery, walking, and life! Have a great weekend everyone! Look to my facebook and instagram for more frequent upadates! Godspeed! 


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Hey everyone! Had a fantastic day today! Did 27 miles into Brazil, Indiana! Parking myself behind a Walmart for the night! Had a couple of great convos today with Jesse and a few others! Jesse is walking across the country in a freaking cartoon bear suite for Mental Health I believe he said! He is a trooper let me tell you! Still going through some ups and downs emotionally but am definitely more in a flatter plane heading upwards! I listened to NOTHING today. Just me and the wind lol! It was a great day. A lot of activity for the non-profit I love it!! 

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